SPX FLOW Inc., a provider of process solutions for the nutrition, health and industrial markets and the world's largest industrial mixing company, is celebrating the 100th anniversary of Lightnin, one of its mixing brands. The milestone marks a century's worth of finding ways to serve its customers through advancements in mixing, from lowering the total cost of ownership to innovating mixer technology.

Lightnin team members pride themselves on their expertise and the ability to collaborate with partners to solve ever-evolving mixer technology challenges. Over its history, the Lightnin brand has seen many accomplishments, including introducing technologies like the invention of the flat-bladed radial turbine and the continuous mixing column.

"Lightnin is a crucial part of our large suite of mixing brands, which combined has more than 300 years of experience in serving customers," said SPX FLOW President of Mixing Solutions Wendy Malone. "We are proud of the legacy of Lightnin and the impressive history its team members have built." 

Here are some of the highlights from the past century:

  • The company started in 1923 when MIXCO was incorporated in New York. The company then introduced the Lightnin brand, named for the quick turnaround in delivering the products to customers.
  • In 1944, MIXCO was awarded the coveted Army-Navy "E" Production Award for its mixing technology advancements to support World War II efforts to produce antibiotics, synthetic rubber and high-octane gasoline.
  • The A310 hydrofoil impeller was released in 1981 and quickly became the standard for hydrofoils, which it remains to this day.
  • Several impeller designs were released in the 21st century leveraging the latest computer modeling with final validation via the LDV system.
  • In 2021, Lightnin delivered mixers to pharmaceutical manufacturers at an unprecedented pace that increased the speed of COVID-19 vaccine production.

More recently, Lightnin is known for its mixers and agitators serving the challenging waste and water treatment sector, as well as the processing of solvents, fertilizers, foods and beverages, pharmaceuticals and biofuels.

"Lightnin and all our mixing brands have built a reputation based on trust, partnership and reliability," Malone said. "We celebrate this milestone while looking forward to plans to offer the same outstanding customer service for years to come."