Move over butter boards, Tre Stelle, Ontario, Canada, added a cream cheese to its portfolio of quality cheeses. The company’s cream cheese is a cleaner, better-for-you brand that’s inspiring recipes from Canada's top foodies, including a viral “cream cheese board.”

Made with four simple, natural ingredients — milk, cream, salt and culture — Tre Stelle Cream Cheese is being enjoyed by Canadians who are seeing the naturalness of the product firsthand when they open the pack and see water droplets on top, it says. 

Tre Stelle Cream Cheese Senior Brand Manager Brendan McDonough notes, “this means none of the stabilizers or artificial ingredients typically found in other cream cheese brands are included, making Tre Stelle the cleanest cream cheese choice.”

McDonough is proud of the purity of the brand. “Our cream cheese is produced in the same dairy where the fresh milk is collected, giving it a smooth, clean and creamy taste that we believe is unrivalled," he explains.

Five of Canada's top foodies were invited to taste the difference and see why Tre Stelle Cream Cheese “tastes like more,” inspiring such recipes as a Harvest Cream Cheese Board by @foodbymaria, Pumpkin Swirl Cheesecake Bars by @thatgirlwithpinknails, a Honey Prosciutto Open Faced Bagel by @bitemevancouver, and Roasted Tomato Toast by @basicfood_girl.

For more than 60 years, Tre Stelle has been producing a wide variety of cheeses. The company says it is excited to welcome a variety of better-for-you cream cheese flavors in Original, Organic, Light, Lactose-Free and Herbs & Spices. They are available in grocery stores throughout Canada for a suggested retail price of $4.50 per pack.