Fonterra launched a new wellbeing solution brand, Nutiani.

The new business-to-business brand is targeted at both the multi-billion-dollar medical and everyday wellbeing nutrition markets.

Fonterra’s Chief Innovation and Brand Officer Komal Mistry-Mehta says the creation of the new brand brings to life concepts that help customers tailor their products to meet consumers’ evolving wellbeing nutrition needs.

“Our health and wellbeing customers are facing growing pressure to accelerate their innovation pipeline to respond to these dynamic consumer demands, yet they face common challenges during new product development and are looking for partners to fill their capability gaps, said Mistry-Mehta. “Nutiani answers this need by providing a suite of solutions which help customers tackle the pain points associated with each step of the innovation journey, from identifying the opportunity to validating the final product.” 

Nutiani will offer end-to-end solutions to customers through a combination of wellbeing nutrition products, concepts and services that leverage the co-op’s intellectual property and investments in research.

“We see a clear opportunity to win in critical segments of the global wellbeing nutrition space. Fonterra’s deep expertise in nutrition science gives us an incredible advantage here. We will use Fonterra’s existing expertise in nutrition science to develop targeted solutions, while opening up opportunities for strategic partnerships to deliver access to new markets and consumers,” stated Mistry-Mehta. 

The opportunity is significant, noted Fonterra. The global markets for physical, mental and inner wellbeing nutrition are growing at 6% per year and worth $66 billion today.