Consumers who love the tastes, smells and feels of a dive bar can now buy a new ice cream product.

Miller High Life loves everything about dive bar culture, so the "Champagne of Beers" is taking all the best parts of the dive bar is teaming with Tipsy Scoop to offer dive bar flavored ice cream. 

Each Ice Cream Dive Bar delivers a combination of High Life infused ice cream with dive bar inspired mix-ins.

Specifically offered in each Ice Cream Dive Bar is:

  • Premium ice cream infused with High Life (that packs a 5% alcohol by volume) 
  • Peanut swirl bringing the saltiness of the quintessential dive bar snack 
  • A hint of tobacco smoke flavor reminiscent of that unforgettable dive bar scent
  • Caramel swirl to incorporate the distinct sticky dive bar floor feeling only the real ones know 
  • A sprinkle of carbonated candy to provide the Champagne of Beers 
  • All dipped in dark chocolate to evoke the dark wood and dim lighting ambiance that all good dives share. 

The product is available for purchase on Aug. 15. Consumers must be 21 or older to purchase the product.