For over 25 years, Bruker has been designing solutions for the dairy industry. Bruker offers you a wide variety of efficient and cost-effective dairy portfolio ranging from a small footprint, dedicated milk analyzers to multiple-channel analyzers for a full range of samples, whether for raw milk or other dairy products.  Bruker also offers in-process systems that are fully automated for closed loop control.

MIRA Infrared Milk Analyzer 

High precision, pre-calibrated IR analyzer for raw milk, standardized milk and liquid milk products.  This system is a cost-effective solution for the quality control of milk, whey and cream.

  • Intuitive software guides you through the process
  • Ready-to-use calibrations are easy to adjust to achieve precise results
  • Automatic cleaning and zeroing
  • Ideal for use in the laboratory or at-line processing

MPA II – Multipurpose Analyzer

A true, single instrument solution for all your dairy applications for the fast and reliable analysis of liquid, semi-solid and solid products.  You can develop sophisticated calibration methods for your laboratory or process needs with an easy-to-use QA/QC instrument.  Applicable to the Food and Agriculture, Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Polymer Industries.  

  • Easy operation with customizable workspaces.  Intuitive displays make it easy for an untrained person to operate
  • State-of-the-art optical parts for optimal performance
  • Designed for easy maintenance by user to decrease downtime and maintenance costs
  • OPUS user-friendly software can be customizable to meet your needs.

Matrix-F FT-NIR Spectrometer

Direct measurements in continuous or batch processes, enabling better quality production control.  With tighter control of the manufacturing process, you can optimize the use of materials and reduce or eliminate off-specification materials to save time and money.

  • Direct measurement of in-process reactors or pipelines
  • Remote measurement over long distance  
  • Better processing and control of quality
  • Ideal tool for determination of homogeneity of blending processes, concentrations of constituent chemicals and state of polymerization processes in various industries.

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