Michelle McBride

Michelle McBride, founder & CEO of GoodSport Nutrition, joins us for Episode 15 of the “Let’s Talk Dairy podcast.” 

McBride saw a void in the sports drink market, when there was no alternative, low-sugar, healthy sports drink to give to her son at his competitive Little League games. She saw athletes on TV drinking milk after MLB and NBA games, which inspired her to look into the concept of putting milk into a sports drink. 

Eventually, McBride launched the dairy-based GoodSport hydration beverage. GoodSport contains 33% less sugar than typical sports drinks and more than 1,600 milligrams of essential electrolytes per bottle, including potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, chloride, and phosphorus, as well as two key carbohydrates: glucose and galactose. 

Currently, McBride is based outside of Chicago with her three kids and husband and is continuing to spread the "good," as GoodSport is the official hydrator of the WNBA Chicago Sky team.

In this episode, she discusses:

  • The story behind the development of the GoodSport beverage.
  • How product developers slashed the sugar while still ending up with a natural, great-tasting product.
  • Use of natural monk fruit sweetener to enhance the product’s taste.
  • GoodSport’s impressive sustainability story.

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