Dairy.com, ever.ag and EFC Systems came together to form EverAg, a Chicago-based company dedicated to empowering agriculture, food and beverage supply chains to feed a growing world. In addition to combining decades of proven experience, the merger unites supply chain, agronomy and risk management solutions for dairy, livestock, crops and agribusiness into one unparalleled portfolio, EverAg said.

“Transforming agricultural commodities into finished goods is an intricate, interconnected process that, together, we are uniquely positioned to support,” said Scott Sexton, CEO, EverAg. “Through our combined portfolio, we have all of the expertise and solutions necessary to help clients efficiently and cost effectively move food from farm to fork.”

As one integrated company, EverAg said it has 450 team members in seven global locations. On a daily basis, it supports more than 600 companies at 3,000 locations, ultimately serving over 200,000 farms.

“The new brand embodies our vision for providing the industries we support with everlasting resources. We strive to enable them to operate more efficiently, sustainably and strategically — every day,” Sexton said.

Clients use EverAg’s technology and services in multiple places throughout the supply chain — from helping farmers reduce risk using modern financial instruments, to providing manufacturing plants with the visibility they need to reduce waste, to enabling retailers to be stronger advisors to growers — and increasingly for supporting sustainability initiatives, the company said.