Heerlen, Netherlands-based Royal DSM, a global purpose-led, science-based company, revealed its new integrated Food & Beverage operating structure that unifies three areas of DSM’s nutrition business — Food Specialties, Hydrocolloids and part of its Nutritional Products group — to closely align with emerging customer and market needs. According to DSM, the new business group combines the company’s full range of food and beverage ingredients, expertise and science-based solutions that improve the taste and texture of foods, as well as support healthier lives and a healthier planet.

The new Food & Beverage organization will focus on helping consumers “enjoy it all” without having to choose between taste, texture and health. This differentiating message will be the cornerstone of a new campaign.

This simplified structure represents the activation of DSM’s announcement in September 2021 that the company will become a fully focused health, nutrition and bioscience company. By establishing a “one-stop-shop” of ingredients, solutions and end-to-end capabilities, DSM said it will help food and beverage manufacturers worldwide fast-track product development and achieve efficient production.

 “The food and beverage market is an incredibly exciting and dynamic space, so it’s a fantastic time for both the industry and DSM,” commented Patrick Niels, executive vice president, Food & Beverage at DSM. “This new organization will better serve our customers by providing one-stop-shop access to our full portfolio of food and beverage solutions — unleashing our full potential and cementing our position as a powerhouse for the food and beverage industry.

“With DSM, our customers get more than a supplier,” he added. “They get a purpose-led partner that understands their business needs and will help them innovate, improve and grow. The result? Delicious food and beverage products that are good for people and good for the planet.”

As an advocate and leader in enabling a healthier and more sustainable food system, DSM’s solutions help boost process efficiencies, reduce food loss and waste, and lower the environmental impact of production and consumption — while also enhancing food’s nutritional profile. As part of this, DSM said it is taking strategic steps in developing specialty proteins that are produced within planetary boundaries, including CanolaPRO, and supporting producers to be at the forefront of this protein diversification toward a healthier future. DSM’s recent acquisition of Vestkorn Milling, a supplier of pea- and bean-derived proteins, starches and dietary fibers, will also complement and further accelerate this growth. These efforts are part of DSM’s commitment to reach 150 million people with plant-based protein foods by 2030, in alignment with its recently announced series of quantifiable food system commitments.