Reddi-wip, a brand of Chicago-based Conagra Brands, released keto-friendly  Reddi-wip Zero Sugar whipped topping. It is made with real cream and contains 0 grams of sugar, 0 grams of carbs and 15 calories per serving. It also has no artificial flavors and is gluten-free.

With this new product, Reddi-wip says it is offering a great-tasting dairy whipped topping for those in search of a sweet treat but with zero sugar.

"Reddi-wip has always responded to consumer dietary trends and offers a wide range of products in addition to Original and Extra Creamy Reddi-wip like fat-free and nondairy varieties," says Ashley Spade, brand director for Reddi-wip. "With the launch of Reddi-wip Zero Sugar, consumers following a keto-friendly diet or those looking to monitor their sugar consumption can still enjoy the fun, delicious experience of Reddi-wip."

Reddi-wip Zero Sugar delivers the same great taste of Reddi-wip but with sucralose in place of regular sugar to maintain the sweet, real cream taste, the brand says. The offering is now available in the dairy aisles of U.S. retailers, as well as online. It is packaged in both 6.5-ounce and 13-ounce sizes, with suggested retail prices of $2.99-$3.29 and $4.79-$5.29, respectively.