My/Mochi Ice Cream said it is inviting ice cream lovers everywhere to show off their “Mmm Face,” that special face snackers can't help but make while My/Mochi melts their mouth's mind, in exchange for free My/Mochi ice cream and a chance to win “more mochi balls than the mouth can handle.”

My/Mochi’s “Mmm Face” campaign challenges mochi lovers to embrace the feeling of biting into My/Mochi treats and showing the world the face they make when experiencing “total, uncontrollable ecstasy.” Everyone who shows off their “Mmm Face” by sharing on their social channels will receive a free box of My/Mochi ice cream and will also be entered in a sweepstakes for the chance to win a one-year supply of My/Mochi ice cream, just in time to celebrate National Ice Cream Day on July 18, the Los Angeles-based company said.

To keep the steamy celebrations going, My/Mochi also said it is making its OnlyFans debut as the first brand to ever partner with OnlyFans creators. Users of the platform will have exclusive access to My/Mochi's “creamiest, dreamiest snacking content.”

"National Ice Cream Day is our favorite day of the entire year, and we wanted to celebrate all month long — so we're heating things up with an all new kind of pillowy talk,” said Russell Barnett, managing director and chief marketing officer, My/Mochi Ice Cream. “We're challenging snackers to show us what My/Mochi's desquishiousness does for them by sharing their Mmm Face with the world — even if that means getting a little NSFW. Our fans clamor for close-up mochi-ball-on-mochi-ball content, so this year, we're giving the people what they want and taking never before seen My/Mochi content to the OnlyFans platform, offering a curious glimpse into our most droolworthy side."

For more information about the Mmm Face campaign, visit Check out My/Mochi's OnlyFans page at for National Ice Cream Month content.