Austin, Texas-based Mammoth Creameries said it released three new flavors of its keto-friendly, diabetic-conscious frozen custard, including Butter Coffee, Strawberry and Butter Pecan. The flavors are now available for delivery nationwide and can be found in the freezer aisle at Harmon’s Grocery stores.

Mammoth Creameries said its frozen custard is made with a sweet cream base of 100% grass-fed butter, high-quality heavy cream and egg yolks to offer a nutritious and delicious ice cream option for anyone who is keeping an eye on sugar intake.

According to Mammoth Creameries, Butter Coffee is a blend of subtle coffee notes and a creamy texture complemented by the smoothness of 100% grass-fed butter. It contains 3 grams net carbs per serving. Strawberry features an unsweetened strawberry puree in a sweet cream base to make a juicy and refreshing treat that’s full of flavor. It contains 5 grams net carbs per serving. Butter Pecan has buttery notes that complement the crunch of pecans; it contains 2 grams net carbs per serving.