Oregon Ice Cream Co., Eugene, Ore., said its foodservice-exclusive brand Cascade Glacier is now offering four Big Bar flavors, including new Huckleberry Heaven, Chocolate and Mango dairy free. Tailored for takeout, these individually wrapped bars are ideal as grab-and-go treats and serve as an additional profit center for existing businesses, including scoop shops, restaurants and national parks.

Cascade Glacier Big Bars boast 5 fluid ounces of indulgence — compared to 3 fluid ounces on average for other similar novelty offerings. The Mango dairy free Big Bar is an uncoated dairy-free and vegan-friendly mango sorbet bar. Huckleberry Heaven Big Bar features uncoated huckleberry ice cream with berries swirled throughout. Chocolate Big Bar is an uncoated classic and creamy Dutch chocolate ice cream bar. The brand already offered a Vanilla Big Bar, Oregon Ice Cream said.

“Retailers have looked to Cascade Glacier over the years for one-of-a-kind offerings that will bring customers into their stores. We are confident these new Big Bars will exceed expectations and drive repeat traffic for the ice cream season and beyond,” said senior vice president of sales and marketing, Joelle Simmons.

According to Oregon Ice Cream, Cascade Glacier ice cream and Big Bars can be found through distributors such as US Foods and Chef’store.