Old Amsterdam Cheese, a brand of Westland Cheese Company, Huizen, Netherlands, said it debuted two new flavors: Old Amsterdam Mild and Old Amsterdam Reserve. The new products join the current line, which includes Old Amsterdam Classic and Old Amsterdam Goat. Darien, Conn.-based Norseland Inc. distributes old Amsterdam Cheese in the United States.

According to Old Amsterdam Cheese, overall Gouda cheese consumption continues to grow in the United States and worldwide. Premium and specialty cheeses continue to perform well with more people eating and entertaining at home, and many Americans have expanded beyond traditional favorites to full-flavored specialty products.

All Old Amsterdam Gouda cheese products are produced using high-quality ingredients; they provide a good source of calcium and protein and are naturally lactose-free and gluten-free, the brand said.

“We are very excited to add two delicious and appealing flavors to our aged Gouda and goat line,” said Rob van Mourik, commercial manager, export for Old Amsterdam in North America. “The timing is right to diversify the current Old Amsterdam lineup with more people eating at home during the pandemic and with snacking trends on the rise.”

Old Amsterdam Reserve is an extra-aged Gouda. This very special cheese is aged for a minimum of 18 months, the brand said. It has a multitude of deep, rich flavors — with bourbon, caramel and pecan undertones — and a firm, crumbly texture sparked with lots of ripening crystals. Old Amsterdam Mild is a young Gouda that is aged for a minimum of four months and has a creamy and semi-soft texture — making it an excellent cheese for melting, sandwiches and snacking.