Air Cleaning Blowers LLC says it is working diligently to help control the spread of germs during this pandemic. In the past several years, the company developed and multi-patented a series of technologies that enable a blower to clean the air without having a filter element that clogs and constantly needs replacing. Because of how they work, air cleaning blowers (ACBs) help with ventilation during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond. ACBs ventilate, pressurize and clean particles from even exceedingly dusty air without using any filter elements. ACBs help reduce the costs and complications of providing ventilation; their state-of-the-art technologies make them simpler to size and use than systems with ordinary air filters and air purifiers because they have no filter elements to clog.

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Festo expanded its intelligent pneumatic energy-saving platform with two new modules — the MSE6-C2M (C2M) and the MSE6-D2M (D2M). According to the company, these modules can pay for themselves in less than a year with the energy savings accrued. The modules automatically shut off the air supply to a machine when in standby mode, thus reducing energy consumption. They monitor system pressure and flow information in real time and enable faster response to compressed air leaks. They are suitable for new and existing machines.





Paxton Products, an ITW company, says its ionized air rinser vac system is a major step forward in ensuring dairy cup and snack tray quality. The system offers food and dairy packagers an effective and cost-efficient solution for removing the debris that often comes from secondary packaging prior to filling. Unlike other air-rinsing systems, the ionized air rinser vac cleans the containers effectively without inversion using a powerful ionization and vacuum coupled with Paxton’s industry-leading centrifugal blower, air system and industrial fan.