A new cheese company called The Big Cheese made its debut on Nov. 23 with an e-commerce website (https://thebigcheese.com) offering premium 12- to 15-year aged Wisconsin cheddar cheese direct to customers to be enjoyed this holiday season.

Founded by Josh Gentine, part of the third generation of the family-owned Sargento Foods cheese legacy, The Big Cheese was created to move a special supply of sharp cheddar from farm to table. The Plymouth, Wis.-based company said it specializes in 40-pound ($299), 5-pound ($99) and 2.5-pound ($49) blocks of premium, “sharp-as-sh*t,” aged-to-perfection cheddar cheese.

"Why 'The Big Cheese'? Because food doesn't have to be serious,” Gentine said. “The cheese experience should be memorable and fun — and that starts well before that first bite, with a collective mix of humor, edginess and wit. Our perfectly aged cheese is a must-have for any holiday charcuterie board or to send that special someone who deserves a cheesy gift."

The Big Cheese said its cheddar is the sharpest possible, delivered directly to the cheese lover's doorstep — and its availability is perfectly timed with the increased demand for ready-to-eat food products and the exponential growth of online shopping. To learn more about The Big Cheese, visit https://thebigcheese.com.