To mark its 90th anniversary, Des Moines, Iowa-based Anderson Erickson (AE) Dairy said it is serving up a little nostalgia by bringing back vintage carton designs for its much-loved AE French Onion and Party dips.

"We know that consumers are looking to food as part of their entertainment, and they're snacking more at home. We saw this as a way to add to the fun," said Kim Peter, director of marketing and public relations. "Longtime fans may remember these carton designs, which are sure to bring back enjoyable memories of the past and life's simple pleasures."

According to AE Dairy, the vintage AE Party dip design features vibrant orange and blue balloons for each letter in "P-A-R-T-Y," while the French Onion dip carton uses classic fonts and nostalgic colors such as lilac, purple and teal green. AE Dairy's French Onion and Party dips are the first in a series of AE Dairy products that will feature limited-time vintage packaging designs this fall in celebration of AE Dairy's 90th anniversary. AE products can be found at area grocers, and the vintage cartons will be available through year-end.