Los Angeles-based Real Good Foods Co. said it launched its first dessert item: Real Good Foods ice cream. The offering is a better-for-you super-premium ice cream made from simple ingredients. It has a fraction of the carbs oftraditional ice cream and is sweetened with allulose, a naturally occurring sugar.

According to Real Good Foods, other healthier ice creams are classified as “light” ice cream, while Real Good Foods’ offering is super-premium. It is made with 16% butterfat and fits the standard identity of real super-premium ice cream without the calories and carbs.

Real Good Foods said the ice cream comes in seven flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate, Mint Chip, Peanut Butter, Salted Caramel, Mocha Java chip and Cake Batter. The ice cream averages 4 grams of sugar and 180 calories per serving, varying slightly by flavor.

Real Good Foods said its brand mission is to make healthy food more accessible, and it built its company in large part to serve those living with type 1 diabetes. The decision to sweeten Real Good Foods ice cream with allulose best supports this mission. The ice cream also includes inulin, a prebiotic fiber found in many plants. The fiber offers many health benefits such as improving digestive health and helping control blood sugar.

Real Good Foods said the ice cream at is available at Vitamin Shoppe locations nationwide or online at https://realgoodfoods.com/collections/ice-cream.