Richard Merwin, the chairman of Erie, Pa.-based Eriez, announced the appointment of Lukas Guenthardt to the position of president and CEO. Eriez selected Guenthardt to fill this leadership role when Timothy Shuttleworth retired after serving as the company’s president and CEO since 2004. Guenthardt joined Eriez’s board of directors in 2011 and was named executive vice president of global strategy and development in 2014.

“Lukas is an accomplished global executive with a proven track record,” said Merwin. “His years of experience managing our global subsidiaries have prepared him well for success as our new president and CEO.”

According to Merwin, Guenthardt has developed and implemented business operations systems that strengthened Eriez’s drive toward a more integrated global company.

“Lukas’s emphasis on accelerating the company’s business development initiatives in new and existing markets has helped Eriez maintain and expand our worldwide leadership position across the diverse industries we serve,” said Merwin. “I look forward to working even more closely with Lukas as we move ahead with a continued focus on the growth and success of Eriez as our shared priority.”

Prior to joining Eriez, Guenthardt was with K-Tron International for 20 years, serving in various executive capacities during that time. He started in K-Tron’s research and development department and then relocated to Switzerland to direct the company’s European and Asian operations. Guenthardt later moved back to the United States to head K-Tron’s strategy and acquisition activities and subsequently was named president of K-Tron’s Size Reduction Group, Eriez said.