As we prepare to ramp up in 2020, there are many things the membership of the American Dairy Products Institute (ADPI) have on the top of our mind related to our industry. Following are a few topics that bubble up to the surface.


Proteins — quality, equality and fact-based messaging

We have a tremendous opportunity to proactively and positively market the superiority of “proteins from milk” to consumers. The protein category is hot ... hot … hot, and we should leverage the high interest of consumers to reconfirm the superiority of proteins from milk from a health, wellness and nutritional benefit perspective compared to “alternatives” (i.e., from plants or laboratory fermentation processes).  

A full 35% of all milk solids produced today go into ingredients, and a large percentage of that volume is into proteins from milk. Our opportunity is to ensure consumers are aware of the inherent positive value proposition of proteins from milk by providing simple, easily understood and fact-based messaging to consumers and influencers of purchasing decisions. 

ADPI is working closely with its membership on the “Proteins from Milk — The Strong Inside” campaign to ensure that food and beverage consumers are provided the appropriate information on which to make their consumption decisions.


Product standards of identity — rules of law

Our position is simple and clear. We firmly believe in the “rule of law.” If a rule, law or regulation exists, we believe it must be complied with and enforced.

If for some reason one does not like rule, law or regulation — and thinks it should be changed — then that person or organization should follow the proper prescribed procedures and processes to change it — not just arbitrarily ignore it!

Our food and beverage industry will continue to evolve and change with the times — a good thing, to be sure — but changing rules, regulations and laws must follow proper processes or we’ll revert to the days of the “Wild, Wild West,” with chaos, confusion and all the inherent dangers that come with it.


The dairy industry — land of opportunity

We collectively need to ensure our industry attracts, develops and retains top talent. We need to do a better job in ensuring that young people who are coming into the workforce from our various academic and technical institutions understand the diversity of career paths available to them in our “dairy industry.”

It’s not just on the farm or in the dairy science lab, as many people think today, but includes career paths in business, economics, finance, communications, sales, marketing, supply chain/logistics, human resources, sustainability, etc.


The future … bring it on!

These are the best of times and the worst of times in our industry, and what we do today will greatly shape the outcomes of the future. It absolutely requires a cooperative spirit and collaborative effort. “United we stand, divided we’ll fail” when it comes to dealing with our industry’s challenges and opportunities.

We are fortunate at ADPI to have a diverse membership base inclusive of all aspects of our industry. Our members work together on a precompetitive basis to meet challenges, develop solutions and grow the worldwide use of dairy ingredients and products. 

We are future-focused and ready to forge ahead into 2020 in this exciting and challenging dairy industry. Without change, there are not opportunities. So we’ll embrace change, identify the opportunities and continue to work collaboratively to ensure growth in the worldwide consumption of dairy ingredients and dairy products.