Forager Project, San Francisco, said it launched a variety of new organic products in Whole Foods Market stores nationwide. The products include high-protein nondairy “yogurts,” dairy-free butter with Peruvian salt, “oatmilk” and a new flavor of “cashewmilk” yogurt.

"No matter what meal — breakfast, lunch or dinner — we want to make it easier for people to eat amazing-tasting plant-based foods," said Stephen Williamson, said cofounder and CEO of Forager Project.

Forager Project said its new product lineup includes Forager Project organic oatmilk, which is made from gluten-free oats and is naturally creamy, subtly sweet and perfect for frothing. The company also released Forager Project organic plant-based protein “yogurt,” which is higher-protein “yogurt” made from coconut and cashew milk, watermelon, pumpkin seeds and brown rice. It is available in Unsweetened Plain and Vanilla flavors.

The company also debuted Forager Project organic dairy-free “butter,” which is crafted from organic cashews and coconut oil. The dairy-free “butter” performs when baking, sautéing or simply spreading, and Peruvian pink sea salt adds a perfect earthy flavor, Forager Project said.

Additionally, Forager Project said it added a new flavor to its organic probiotic drinkable “cashewmilk yogurt”: Blackberry.