Fairfield, N.J.-based Schuman Cheese said it launched seven varieties of 5-ounce hand-rubbed Cello Fontinas. The Fontinas are hand-rubbed with vibrant spice blends from around the globe and naturally aged for over 60 days. Flavors include Tuscan, rubbed with a classic blend of Italian herbs and spices; Harissa, rubbed with a smoky blend of chili, cumin and caraway seed; Dijon & Herb, rubbed with a blend of yellow and brown mustard seed and aromatic spices; Creamy Dill, made with a blend of dill and fragrant summer herbs; Bergamot & Hibiscus, featuring a blend of bergamot tea and hibiscus flower; Smoky Pepper, rubbed with peppercorn, paprika and savory warm spices; and Mayan Cocoa Coffee, rubbed with a blend of sweet, spicy Mayan spices combined with real cocoa and coffee.