St. Louis-based Emerson’s fluid control and pneumatics facility in Florham Park, N.J., was recently recognized by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) for its leadership in environmental stewardship. The facility was highlighted for voluntary and proactive measures taken to improve the environment and foster sustainability. Besides being the innovation headquarters for the fluid control and pneumatics businesses, the facility houses the global development center for the ASCO brand of fluid control solutions, Emerson said.

The recognition follows an inspection of the Emerson facility, where the company said it has taken significant steps to ensure a sustainable future. This includes management of wetlands, diversified arboreal investments and meadows development. The facility is designed to meet LEED Silver standards, using less water and energy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Continued implementation of new micro-practices has brought innovations — such as biodegradable containers — and increased usage of dispensers to further reduce the environmental footprint.

“We are honored to be awarded by the NJDEP for our efforts in environmental stewardship,” said Manish Bhandari, group president for fluid control and pneumatics at the Florham Park facility. “Emerson recognizes that we have a role to play globally in using energy efficiently, reducing water use and minimizing greenhouse gas emissions. The state of New Jersey had partnered with us as we evaluated the Florham Park facility investment in 2015, and the partnership continues with state agencies and the Florham Park township.”

Emerson said the Florham Park facility reflects the company’s overarching environmental goals to comply with regulations, minimize environmental impact, conserve energy, conduct regular training and periodically audit internal operations.