My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream, Los Angeles, announced the extension of its partnership with Color Factory at its newest location in Houston, set to open on Oct. 26. As attendees experience art and color in a playful way, they will have the chance to indulge in My/Mo’s combination of premium ice cream wrapped in pillowy mochi dough.

Color Factory, an interactive exhibit that shares in My/Mo’s affinity for color, play and fun, is a natural partner for the brand. At more than 20,000 total square feet, each room in Color Factory Houston is an experiential, interactive installation that invites people to awaken their natural curiosity and engage every sense, My/Mo said.

Every hue is hand-selected to represent the brilliant everyday palette of Houston, and visitors will enjoy a wide array of sensory experiences while snacking on My/Mo flavors such as Sweet Mango and Ripe Strawberry, along with triple-layer varieties that include Chocolate Sundae and Vanilla Blueberry.

“Color Factory is an incredibly valued partner for My/Mo, and we’re excited to continue enhancing the consumer’s experience at the latest installation,” said Russell Barnett, chief marketing officer of My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream. “Play is our purpose, and we can’t wait to bring even more flair, flavor and fun to the snackers of Houston.”

To celebrate the grand opening and launch of the partnership, My/Mo said it hosted an Instagram giveaway offering a free trip to Color Factory Houston’s opening day on Oct. 26, along with a one-year supply of My/Mo mochi ice cream.