The Wisconsin Dairy Products Association (WDPA), Middleton, Wis., announced the Grand Champion Winners in the 2019 World Dairy Expo Championship Dairy Product Contest. A gouda cheese wheel made by Babcock Hall Dairy (University of Wisconsin–Madison) was selected as the Cheese and Butter Grand Champion. A 2% low-fat cottage cheese made by Prairie Farms Dairy, Carbondale, Ill., was named the Grade A Grand Champion, while Sweet Me Lemon Bar ice cream produced by Kemps, Cedarburg, Wis., was selected as the Ice Cream Grand Champion. 

This year’s contest, sponsored by WDPA, received a record number of entries — 1,536 — for cheese, butter, fluid milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, ice cream, sour cream, sherbet, cultured milk, sour cream dips, whipping cream, whey and creative/innovative products from dairy processors throughout North America.

“This year's contest was extremely successful, reflecting how much dairy processors have come to embrace this unique and special event," said Brad Legreid, executive director, WDPA. "As the only all-dairy product contest of its kind in the world, the dairy industry has quickly learned the myriad benefits accrued from participating in the contest. Winning companies parlay their success into unprecedented marketing and retail sales opportunities, while other companies receive valuable insights from the 50 highly trained sensory experts who judge their products."

Judging was held Aug. 20-22 at MATC Culinary Arts School in Madison, Wis., WDPA said. On Oct. 1, the contest’s auction will be held at World Dairy Expo in Madison, at which time all category first place winners will be auctioned off. A portion of the proceeds from the contest auction will be used to fund scholarships awarded annually to deserving students pursuing careers in the dairy industry. For more information about the contest and auction, call 608-836-3336.