Balchem Ingredient Solutions manufactures and supplies customized ingredient systems that help dairy processors bring innovative products to market faster. It has more than 200 years of experience in bringing unique flavor combinations to market in ice cream, milk and cultured products. Balchem said its new flavors, Mango Raspberry Fiesta and Balsamic Blueberry, can kick yogurt, cream cheese and cottage cheese offerings up a notch. The company’s approach to providing specialized flavored fruit options is combining its capabilities in unique fruit preparations and its expertise in perfectly flavored top notes.





Citromax Flavors said it produces some of the most recognized flavors for beverages, confectionery products and dairy in its state-of-the-art flavor development laboratories in Carlstadt, N.J. Aside from an extensive flavor portfolio, it provide solutions with masking agents — sweetness enhancers, bitterness blockers and acid reducers — that are suitable for dairy and dairy alternatives. These can be labeled as flavors or incorporated into the flavor formulations to improve the overall flavor and experience of the finished product. Citromax Flavors is a part of Citromax Group, one of the world’s largest growers and processors of lemons.





Edlong said its Sweet Spot flavors make sweetness simple. The flavors help naturally balance formulations while delivering the perception of creaminess and sweetness that consumers demand, reducing added sugar without sacrificing sweetness or mouthfeel. They are labeled as a natural flavor, elevate complex flavor profiles, and can be used in a variety of applications, including dairy products and beverages.





Flavor Dynamics Inc. introduced a line of tropical fruit flavors, including natural Passionfruit and natural Mango, for dairy applications. The Passionfruit flavor offers the nuances of pineapple, mango, guava, papaya and citrus with a slight tart character. The Mango flavor imitates a traditional pulpy, smooth fruit flavor with characteristic orange, peach and pineapple. The flavors are perfect for use in smoothies, ice cream, yogurts and protein beverages, Flavor Dynamics said. 

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Prova said its Honey and Maple flavors can help food manufacturers meet the growing demand for healthy low-in-sugar dairy products. Honey, a healthy alternative to sugar, provides nutrients and antioxidants along with natural sugars fructose and glucose, which work together to be quickly digested. Maple is a great source of manganese and zinc, which are essential nutrients that healthy bodies need. Sample applications for Prova’s Honey flavor are honey oat milk and honey rice milk. The Maple flavor can be used in applications such as ice cream with waffle and maple sugar pieces.





Sensient Flavors said its new line of extracts goes beyond flavors, bringing functional benefits that put quality first and support a holistic brand story for consumers. Its collection of citrus and other fruit, botanical, tea, coffee and cocoa flavors blends well in dairy and nondairy products, working in tandem with natural masking technologies to offer superior performance. With dairy-based products getting more indulgent and nondairy offerings becoming more adventurous, taste plays the primary role in creating the experience a consumer demands from his or her food and beverage choices.





First Choice Ingredients (FCI) said its new cave-aged blue cheese concentrates can enhance product launches, such as adding a rich, creamy texture to cream-based dairy products like dressings, soups and sauces. With raw, organic commodity typically costing 2.5 times more, the fact that FCI can create a concentrate that is up to 10 times stronger without making it  proportionally more expensive creates an opportunity for huge savings. The concentrate also is clean label, Non GMO Project Verified and organic.