Baskin-Robbins, Canton, Mass., added two nondairy flavors, which will be available in stores beginning Aug. 1: Nondairy Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Nondairy Chocolate Extreme. Baskin Robbins said the two nondairy menu items are vegan takes on classic fan favorites.

They are made with a base blend of coconut oil and almond butter. Nondairy Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough is made with cookie dough pieces, chocolate chunks and a chocolate ribbon. Nondairy Chocolate Extreme contains chocolate chunks and a chocolate ribbon and is also gluten-conscious, the company said.

Both flavors contain no artificial dyes, which have been absent from all Baskin-Robbins ice cream since 2017. The flavors are also free from preservatives, artificial flavors and high-fructose corn syrup and are kosher, Baskin-Robbins said.

“We’re excited to expand our ice cream portfolio into the vegan space and offer our guests increased options, especially with such high consumer demand for a product like this,” said Carol Austin, vice president of marketing for Baskin-Robbins.