The American Dairy Products Institute (ADPI), Elmhurst, Ill., said it welcomed two additional industry professionals to the ADPI Center of Excellence. Joining this group for 2019-2020 are David Clark, Ph.D., and Dean Tjornehoj, two highly experienced dairy industry professionals whose experience and skills complement the existing panel of experts comprising the ADPI Center of Excellence resources.

The ADPI Center of Excellence is a network of 12 experienced dairy industry professionals with the expertise to answer questions and assist ADPI members on a wide range of topics. The group is a key part of ADPI’s ongoing activities as the “go-to” authority on dairy ingredients. The center provides ADPI members with an easy and economical way to gain access to industry experts capable of addressing dairy-related questions or concerns they might have, ADPI said.

ADPI Center of Excellence professionals are available to help ADPI members, providing free consultations (up to two hours per topic) on a totally confidential basis. They also share their expertise throughout the year by participating ADPI events such as seminars, conferences, symposia, webinars and educational programs.

Clark founded the consultancy company, Bovina Mountain Consulting LLC, which specializes in the nutritional and functional aspects of dairy ingredients in high-value markets. He can assist ADPI members with projects that involve strategy development, regulatory support (e.g., GRAS notification), new product development, infant and medical nutrition formulation support and market research, ADPI said.

Clark has a B.Sc. in Biochemistry and received his Ph.D. from National Institute for Medical Research in London. He has over 30 years of experience in the dairy industry, and held senior and executive positions at DMV and Friesland Campina. He is the author of more than 100 peer-reviewed publications on dairy ingredients, and has worked with clients in the United States, Europe and Asia, ADPI noted.

Tjornehoj is a microbiologist with many years of experience and knowledge in the safe production of dairy foods and ingredients. He is newly retired from California Dairies Inc., where he was responsible for compliance to regulatory and customer requirements, quality control and quality assurance programs across six manufacturing plants. He can provide technical support on microbiological and chemistry testing and issues. In addition to lending his expertise on powdered ingredients, Tjornehoj will also support the needs of ADPI members who require assistance for the production and quality control of AMF, churned milkfat, butteroil, various types of butter, cream cheese and Neufchâtel cheese.

Tjornehoj graduated with a degree in microbiology and chemistry from Iowa State University in 1975. He has been involved with technical committees and working committees in dairy trade associations, and was a past chairman of the Dairy Division of IFT.

“We are extremely pleased to welcome these two new industry professionals to the ADPI Center of Excellence. Their addition to the program reflects ADPI’s commitment to provide our members with reliable, meaningful and useful information,” said Blake B. Anderson, ADPI President and CEO.

The ADPI Center of Excellence resource professionals are always ready to address ADPI member questions or concerns. Current center professionals also include Veronique Lagrange, chair; K.J. Burrington; Michael Culhane, Ph.D.; Mike McCully; Dan Meyer; Phil Plourd; Geoffrey W. Smithers, PhD.; Jim Sullivan, Ph.D.; Phil Tong, Ph.D.; and Purnendu C. Vasavada.

ADPI encourages its members to contact COE resources with questions and informational needs they might have. Members may download the “Quick Guide To The COE” to identify which COE resource would best fit his or her needs.

Visit the ADPI website at to learn more about the ADPI Center of Excellence members and their areas of expertise.