Lifeway Foods Inc., Morton Grove, Ill., introduced Plantiful, its first plant-based probiotic beverage. The vegan drink is available in lines for both adults and kids and comes in a variety of exciting flavors, each providing more protein and probiotics than most other nondairy beverages in the category, Lifeway said. Plantiful’s base is cultured non-GMO pea protein; the line contains no dairy, gluten or soy and is made with organic ingredients.

“After spending the past year perfecting Plantiful, we’re so excited to share this innovative new probiotic, protein-packed blend with the world,” said Lifeway Foods’ CEO, Julie Smolyansky. “With the heritage we’ve built by bringing kefir to America, we felt it was important to deliver a category-defining new fermented drink that gives consumers what they are looking for in a plant-based beverage.”

The new offerings provide both functional nutrition and microbiome support, Lifeway said. Plantiful is available in an 8-ounce single-serve bottle that contains 10 grams of protein and 10 vegan strains of probiotics and a 24-ounce bottle containing 30 grams of protein. Plantiful’s adult line comes in Plain, Coconut Vanilla, Tropical Fruit and Mixed Berry flavors.

Lifeway said the Plantiful Kids pouches are a follow-up to its successful ProBugs line of kefir products. The Plantiful Kids line comes in a convenient squeezable pouch with a no-spill spout and features the same nutrition and probiotics as the adult line. Both lines will be available nationwide at select natural grocery and retail stores in spring 2019.