INTL FCStone Inc. will convene its inaugural Global Markets Outlook Conference on March 7-9, 2018, at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. In today’s interconnected markets, one small move in a single commodity, currency, stock price or key interest rate can create significant impacts across the entire global financial system. For this reason, INTL FCStone said it decided to combine all of its economic and commodity outlooks for 2018 into one definitive global markets event.

The Global Markets Outlook Conference will not only deliver individual outlooks on hard and soft commodities, currencies, global payments trends and more, but also will aim to provide the macroeconomic and geopolitical insights required to tie the those outlooks together into a cohesive market approach for 2018 and beyond, the company said. Hosted by INTL FCStone Inc. and sponsored by CME Group, the conference will feature sessions on topics that include global economic outlook; agriculture, including dairy, grains, oilseeds and meats; Latin America update; cotton; China update; palm oil; EU update; nitrogen; Argentina update; base and precious metals; Brazil update; coffee, sugar and cocoa; weather outlook; refined product and crude oil; FX and interest rates; natural gas and electricity; global payments; and OTC hedging.

Speakers will include:

  • Sean O’Connor, CEO, INTL FCStone Inc.
  • Bluford Putman, M.D., and chief economist, CME Group
  • Dennis Gartman, editor and publisher, the Gartman Letter
  • Andres Oppenheimer, The Miami Herald columnist, Pulitzer Prize co-winner
  • Arlan Suderman, chief commodities economist, INTL FCStone Financial Inc. – FCM Division
  • Edward Meir, director, Commodity Research Group
  • Vincent Deluard, global macro strategist, INTL FCStone Financial Inc.
  • Mark Mauer, CEO, INTL FCStone Markets
  • Oscar Schaps, president, Latin America Division, INTL FCStone Financial Inc. – FCM Division
  • Nate Donnay, director, daily market insight, INTL FCStone Financial Inc. – FCM Division
  • Rory Deverell, vice president, OTC and advisory EMEA, INTL FCStone Ltd
  • Ryan Turner, risk management consultant, INTL FCStone Financial Inc. – FCM Division
  • Clayton McDonald, head of sales, Global Payments Division, INTL FCStone Inc. 

“We are very excited to host our first ever Global Markets Outlook conference,” said Dave Smoldt, president, Commodities Division at INTL FCStone. “We believe that this unprecedented concentration of expertise across so many sectors will provide new and unique perspectives for any professional involved in the global financial markets – be it in commodities, currencies, equities, fixed income or wealth management and advisory.”

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