CHEMetrics Inc., Midland, Va., has four new test kits employing the HBA method to measure ammonia in potable water, surface water, storm water, groundwater and wastewater. The kits offer a shorter analysis time and extended measurement range. Additionally, the mercury-free HBA reagents are said to benefit customers who wish to eliminate the use of mercury in their facilities.

The new ammonia test kits use a modified Berthelot method like the salicylate method; however salicylate is replaced by a different phenolic compound, hydroxybenzyl alcohol (HBA). This reagent reduces the color development wait time from 15 to five minutes.

Ammonia (HBA) test kits are available using CHEMetrics’ VACUettes Auto-Dilution Method. VACUettes kits employ a patented auto-dilution feature that eliminates the need for pipets and flasks. An extended range is also available for the company’s instrumental Vacu-vials test kit. Other advantages of these new kits include improved packaging of accessory solutions for easier use and reordering.  

For more information about the ammonia (HBA method) test kits, visit or telephone  800-356-3072.