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Romer Labs and Germany's ifp are proud to announce the launch of a new product line for enzymatic food analysis, thereby expanding cooperation between the two companies.Romer Labs, a leading global food-safety diagnostic company, and Germany’s ifp Institut für Produktqualität are proud to announce the launch of a new product line for enzymatic food analysis, thereby expanding cooperation between the two companies.

The new product line EnzymeFast® transfers traditional enzymatic methods to a microtitre plate kit format – a significant benefit in routine food analysis. Enzymatic food analysis is a basic method used for the measurement of compounds such as sugars, acids, alcohols and other metabolites in foods and beverages. The high specificity of enzyme reactions allows for the analysis of food components in complex matrices.

Enzymatic methods are particularly important for food production and quality assurance. Results give information on the nutrients, authenticity and hygienic status of foods. For example, levels of sugars are crucial for consumers suffering from intolerances and the presence of certain metabolites indicates a lack of hygiene during production. It is also possible to detect whether food has been tampered with using enzymatic methods. The EnzymeFast microtitre plate test kits employ highly purified and specific enzymes in a convenient and high-throughput format that allows the rapid and economic testing of different kinds of foodstuff and beverages.

EnzymeFast products have been developed by ifp and will be distributed exclusively through Romer Labs’ global sales network. The product line encompasses test kits for different types of sugars and the companies are in the final phase to add kits for alcohols and acids, too. Throughout the coming months, Romer Labs and ifp will expand the product line continuously into other areas of enzymatic food analysis.

About Romer Labs

Romer Labs, founded in Washington, Mo., in 1982, is a leader in diagnostic solutions for food and feed safety. It develops, manufacturers and markets test kits for food allergens, mycotoxins, veterinary drug residues and other food contaminants. The company also operates four accredited full-service laboratories on three continents. Romer Labs has facilities in Austria, Brazil, China, Malaysia, Singapore, U.K. and the United States. For more than 30 years, Romer Labs has been a trusted partner for the food and feed industry worldwide.

About ifp

ifp Institut für Produktqualität is a laboratory and competence centre for state-of-the-art food, feed and water analysis. The composition and quality of food products is analyzed independently and neutrally. Areas covered by the ifp’s analytical service are food allergens, vitamins, GMO, microbiology, mycotoxins, nutrients pesticide residues and drinking water analysis. In addition to its analytical services, ifp offers microbiological analysis for the pharmaceutical industry, and auditing and consulting services. ifp also develops and produces a range of test kits for food and clinical analysis.

SOURCE: Romer Labs