The yogurt category is filled with various styles, including Greek, Australian, Icelandic and Asian. Now General Mills is adding a French-style to the dairy case.

The Minneapolis-based food processor and Yoplait licensee has launched a new whole-milk yogurt in its Yoplait line. Oui by Yoplait is a cup-set yogurt packaged in 5-ounce glass jars (or “pots,” as the company calls them). The lid is foil, like that found on other Yoplait products.

In statement, David Clark, president of U.S. Yogurt at General Mills, said "Oui by Yoplait introduces an entirely new category of yogurt to the U.S. using a recipe that has been enjoyed for decades in France."

The recipe, according to a company press release, is inspired by Yoplait's Saveur d'Autrefois (English translation: "taste of yesteryear"), which is sold in France.

Cup-set yogurt is made in Michigan

Instead of culturing the ingredients in large batches and then filling individual cups with fully prepared yogurt, the dairy processor pours ingredients into each individual pot. Then the containers are left to culture for eight hours. The company said the result is thick yogurt. The products are made in General Mills’ Reed City, Mich., dairy plant.

Oui by Yoplait is made with non-GMO ingredients like whole milk, pure cane sugar, real fruit and yogurt cultures. It contains no artificial preservatives, no artificial flavors and no colors from artificial sources. Brice LeRoy was the product developer at General Mills.

Whole-milk Oui by Yoplait yogurt is made in 8 flavors

The eight flavors are strawberry, blueberry, black cherry, vanilla, coconut, lemon, peach and plain. All of the varieties contain 5 grams of protein in a 5-ounce serving. The plain yogurt has 130 calories; fruited varieties have 160 to 170 calories per serving. The plain variety is made with only two ingredients – whole milk and yogurt cultures. The remaining flavors each contain eight or fewer total ingredients.

Oui by Yoplait will be available nationwide beginning the week of July 10. The suggested retail price for all flavors is $1.49. The strawberry and vanilla flavors are also available in four count packages at a suggested retail price of $4.78.

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