Natural, clean-label brown colors

DDW’s NaturBrown line of simple label browns are colors produced from 100% natural sources such as apple, pear, pumpkin, tomato, onion and garlic. The company also offers specialty Dark NaturBrown ingredients that are two to three times darker than conventional Class I (Plain) Caramel Colors, according to the company. Therefore, a one-to-one replacement of Class III and some single-strength Class IV Caramel Colors is possible. NaturBrown ingredients are kosher, halal and non-GMO. They do not contain 4-MeI and can be used in place of caramel color or FD&C brown blends in ice cream, yogurt, dairy beverages and spreads.



Natural purple carrot juice for red-pink colors

Diana Food has a new natural purple carrot juice for coloring properties. The juice is produced with simple physical processes and contains 30% to 50% more colors in comparison to market standards. With a simple and clean labeling (for instance: “color: carrot juice or colored with carrot juice”), this new solution offers a natural and vibrant red-pink shade in sweet sauces, fruit layers or toppings, and is suitable for all red-fruit yogurts and other dairy snacks.

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Natural dairy color solutions

Food Ingredient Solutions expanded its line of dairy colors with additional natural greens, blues, purples and brown based on spirulina extract. These blends are suitable and permitted for coloring ice cream, frozen desserts, dessert coatings and toppings, beverage mixes and powders, yogurts, custards, puddings and cottage cheese. This line is available in liquid or powder format. The company also offers oil dispersible forms.



Clean-label colors using grape juice, fruit, veggies

San Joaquin Valley Concentrates’ produces grape juice concentrate, colors from natural sources (such as fruits and vegetables) and grape seed extract. The company’s products are non-GMO, kosher, and halal-certified, and are manufactured at its FSSC 22000 certified plant. Red 200 is a grape juice concentrate produced from Rubi red grapes, which provides color and sugar from a fruit source. The product provides a clean label and can be used as a base ingredient in beverages, jam/jelly, fruit preparations and fruit snacks.



Natural lime green color for ice cream

Naturex developed a new version of its Vegebrite Lime Green that offers a higher concentration in coloring foodstuffs, to make the product more performant in ice cream and frozen desserts. This green formula, based on blue spirulina and safflower concentrates, matches the copper chlorophyllin shade and offers a clean and clear labeling. In addition, Naturex offers other natural green blends complying with both EU and USA regulations.



Super heat-stable natural red

Sensient Colors created a new super heat-stable natural red. SupraRed uses a novel natural color technology that will enable brands to deliver on growing consumer demand for natural colors from botanical sources that do not sacrifice on color brightness. The technology the company uses is free from any chemical solvents and uses only vegetable juice for simple ingredient labeling. The solution offers significant advantages for dairy applications such as UHT-packaged beverages and confections like licorice.



Water-soluble natural colors for dairy applications

Kalsec provides many naturally sourced colors for dairy applications, including water-soluble colors. Color options range from yellow, orange and pink to red hues, derived from turmeric, annatto, paprika, beet, anthocyanins and blends of these colors. The company also offers beet extract for achieving a pink shade in strawberry flavored milk or berry-flavored ice cream. For yogurt manufacturers, the company can provide shades ranging from yellow to peach to pinks. Processed cheese can be colored with a blend of annatto and turmeric, and oil-soluble products work best for this application. The company offers colors for cheese and cheese sauces, including cheese powders used in packaged foods.