The USDA’s Dairy Market News reports that the most advertised products this week are ice cream and sour cream. The USDA surveyed advertised prices at major retail supermarket outlets during the period of May 27 to June 2.

Below are highlights from the current issue. Click to read the entire report.

This week, the total volume of conventional dairy ads increased 9%, and organic dairy ads increased 30%. For conventional dairy advertisements, 48-64 ounce ice cream containers and 16 ounce sour cream containers have the most advertisements.

Ads for butter have tripled; prices decrease 5%

One pound packages of butter more than tripled the number of advertisements and has about a 5% decrease in price when compared to last week. Organic butter has a weighted average price of $5.84 and greater than double the number of ads when compared to last week. Organic 8 ounce blocks of cheese has the largest percent increase in ads of organic dairy items at 208%.

Yogurt prices are up 2 cents

The average price for conventional yogurt in 4-6 ounce packages is $.52, up $.02 from last week. The average price of 4-6 ounce conventional Greek yogurt is $.98, up $.03 from a week ago. Conventional yogurt ad numbers are down 16% from last week, and organic yogurt ads are down 53%. The average price for organic Greek yogurt in 4-6 ounce packages is $1.00.

Shoppers save 8 cents on blocks of 8-ounce cheese

The U.S. advertised price for 8 ounce conventional cheese blocks averaged $2.24, down $.08 from last week; 8 ounce shred cheese averaged $2.19, down $.04 from last week. Ad volume for conventional two pound blocks increased 61% with a weighted average price of $6.82. The U.S. advertised price for 8 ounce organic cheese blocks averaged $4.20, up $.71 from last week.

A half-gallon of organic milk costs $2 more than conventional milk

The price spread between organic and conventional half gallon milk is $2.00. The price spread is the difference between national weighted average prices for organic, $3.92, and conventional, $1.92. Conventional milk ad numbers decreased 77% from last week while organic milk ad numbers increased 28%.