LaLa, a brand of Dallas-based Borden Dairy (owned by Mexico’s Grupo LaLa), is taking its drinkable yogurts nationwide.

Sold in 7-ounce single-serve bottles (and smaller) and multipacks, the yogurt smoothies are carried by national retailers Walmart, Target, Sam’s Club, Kroger, Tom Thumb and 7-Eleven.

There are 14 flavor combinations and a Greek Yogurt product. Flavors include Harvest Peach and Tropical Mango. The core brand has 5 grams of protein and the Greek line has 12 grams.

Listen to LaLa Director of Marketing Desiree Johnson

Director of Marketing Desiree Johnson told Dairy Foods that LaLa is coming out in July with two line extensions. One is called Healthies. These beverages have 10 grams of protein and 8 grams of whole grains. They are formulated for high satiety and designed to curb hunger. Johnson said the drinkable yogurts could be used as a meal replacement.

The second line extension is 100 Calorie, a snack product with 5 grams of protein. She hinted that more products are in the pipeline. The products are made by LaLa at its facility in Omaha, Neb.

The dairy processor is targeting the Millennial generation looking for a convenient, grab-and-go food. Johnson said that this demographic considers pouring a bowl of cereal to be too much work.

LaLa says it is the the No. 1 adult drinkable yogurt in the United States. In February, the dairy processor rolled out its first-ever national media campaign to support its U.S. expansion and launch of the brand's new yogurt smoothies.

Find LaLa's 30-second "yogurting" commeicals on Dairy Foods' YouTube channel.

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