By Hinds-Bock

With the food industry demanding more hygienic designs to ease contamination concerns, Hinds-Bock has introduced its 8P-06 Ultra-Hygienic filler. This filler was designed with these concerns in mind. The 8P-06 features minimal flat surfaces by using slope-top covers and NEMA 4X stainless steel enclosures. Wire looms separate all wiring and airlines for quick and easy sanitation. The tubular frame allows for wash-through to reach all parts of the filler. The tilt hopper allows sanitation to quickly access the product ports. Spout holders ensure that your spouts aren't resting on contaminated surfaces during sanitation.

Limiting production downtime was another key point of emphasis in the design. That is why the 8P-06 filler can be fully disassembled in less than 5 minutes. With quick disconnects of all airlines and all pistons connected to the same strong-back, set-up and breakdown is easier than ever.

Accompanying the filler is Hinds-Bock's new Ultra-Hygienic version of their P-128 transfer pump. Redesigned with all controls mounted in a NEMA 4X stainless steel enclosure and minimal flat surfaces, this pump provides a full Ultra-Hygienic package with the same high-performance users expect from Hinds-Bock equipment. For more information, visit

About Hinds-Bock
Headquartered near Seattle, Wash., Hinds-Bock provides fillers, depositors, transfer pumps and icers for food and bakery applications, as well as further automation such as conveyors, denesters, heat-sealers, lidders, etc.

SOURCE: Hinds-Bock Corp.