snowvillePomeroy, Ohio-based Snowville Creamery received approval from the Ohio Dept. of Agriculture at the beginning of the year to label its products as coming from cows fed a non-GMO diet. Its line of milks is produced from grass-grazed cows. It does not homogenize its milk so the cream naturally rises to the top. The company offers whole milk, 2% reduced-fat, fat-free and low-fat chocolate milk. According to the company, its chocolate milk is unique because it’s made from milk concentrated at 40F with a nano-filtration system to give it 14 grams of protein per 8-ounces. The suggested retail price of a half-gallon is $4.25 for the whole milk and $5.50 for the chocolate milk. The milk is available at independent grocery stores and stores like Whole Foods and Kroger in Ohio. It’s also sold at Whole Foods Markets in Kentucky, Pittsburgh and Washington, D.C.