Cheesemilk pasteurizer frame

AGC has a “fixed footprint” automatic hydraulic open-close frame, model AR51-D, which allows cheese processors to install a new HTST/plate heat exchanger unit and select a frame size large enough for any future increased flow.  Future increases in flow can be easily achieved by addition of plates only and the existing frame will be capable of handling the larger number of plates within the same “fixed footprint.” It also features a hydraulic closure system with only two spindles and no programmable logic controller.



Technology tool helps optimize outcomes, maximize yields

The LactiWhey, designed and manufactured by Page & Pedersen International, provides a complete milk composition profile in just one minute, providing critical fat and protein data that optimizes utilization of resources to optimize outcomes and maximize profitability. Enhance process control, monitor effectiveness of cutting, fine-tune agitation settings, screen for bio-contamination, reduce losses in fat and protein and effectively estimate revenues from resulting whey residuals.



Clarifiers and CF decanters for cheese processing

CSI bacteria clarifiers from GEA Westfalia Separator are being used to produce high-quality cheeses. The centrifuge removes spores, bacteria and somatic cells that cannot be eliminated with pasteurization alone, improving cheese quality. By removing milk flora, a processor can optimize use of cheese cultures and increase yield per vat while gaining the flexibility to develop new products.  This gentle process can also be used for Swiss cheese, where a portion of the natural germ flora is retained for flavor development and the characteristic hole formation. The CF decanters can be used for high-solids fresh cheese and concentration of cheese fines. 



Machine for Cheddaring

Cheese & Whey Systems, owned by Custom Fabricating & Repair, purchased the intellectual property for the APV CheddarMaster Belt System from SPX.  The company will be sizing, fabricating, installing, commissioning and servicing this product line on a worldwide basis. The CheddarMaster is designed for Cheddaring, mellowing and salting of both milled and stirred curd. Typical cheeses processed on this machine include Cheddar, Parmesan, mozzarella, provolone and Monterey Jack.



Custom shredding, dicing systems

Loos Machine & Automationmakes custom automated equipment and turnkey solutions for the food processing industries. The company’s shredding and dicing systems are capable of up to 35,000 pounds per hour. Options include conveyers, tumble drums, cubers and cutters, blend systems, batching systems and more.



Microfiltration and nanofiltration spiral membrane elements

Toray’s line of microfiltration membrane elements are showing successful protein transmission for defatting of whey/WPC streams.  The system is showing increased capacity and throughput, reducing the need for diafiltration. The company’s new nanofiltration membrane elements show maximum yield of lactose in whey and UF permeate desalting applications.  According to the company, plants are seeing increased capture of lactose without detriment to monovalent ion passage, reduced organic passage and thus reduced fouling on downstream RO plants, and reduced COD load going to effluent treatment.



Large in-feed cheese dicer

The Affinity dicer is Urschel’s largest dicer that specializes in cutting cheese. The machine accepts a large in-feed product size of up to 10 inches (254 mm) in largest single product dimension. All transitional components work with the cutting elements to maintain positive advancement of the product throughout the cutting process. It’s driven by a 25 HP gear motor with heavy-duty gears and belts and equipped with a 5 HP variable frequency drive motor on the crosscut. The feed zone is completely separate from the mechanical zone and all stainless steel contact surfaces are highly polished. 



Vertical bagger for cheese packaging lines

Viking Masek’s Solitaire vertical bagger can be used with cheese packaging lines, according to the company. This bagger, in tandem with a multihead scale, is capable of producing 5-pound bags of shredded cheese at a rate of 60 bags per minute. The washdown design of this system allows customers to meet the strictest, ultra-sanitary standards required in the dairy industry.



Slicing system offers integrated solution

Processors of natural cheeses can use Weber’s North American cheese slicing solution to boost throughput, reduce labor costs and virtually eliminate product waste, according to the company. The company’s 906 slicer integrates Weber-designed upstream and downstream technologies, with only one worker to operate. The system can automatically load four logs up to 10 feet in length. The system features patented Vario Grippers that automatically adjust to wide-ranging cheese contours and firmness, as well as proprietary blade designs, coatings and micro-perf edges.