Kerrygold, Evanston, Ill., introduces convenient cracker-size slices of its Dubliner cheese.

Kerrygold Dublinger cracker cheeseThe new format comes in a 6-ounce re-sealable parchment package, 18 slices to a package, each slice measuring 2 X 2 inches, perfect for the average cracker. The pre-slicing provides both convenience and portion control, helping to satisfy the consumer demand for snacking choices.

The Dubliner is a Cheddar cheese that’s made in Ireland with milk from grass-fed cows. No growth hormones are used. The cheese is available in supermarkets nationwide for an average suggested retail price of $6.99.

This latest extension of the Dubliner cheese joins traditional Dubliner Cheese; reduced-fat with one-third less fat and 30 fewer calories than the original; and Dubliner with Irish Stout, a cheese infused with the flavor of beer.

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