By Page & Pedersen

LactiCheck RapiReadThe LactiCheck RapiRead is an exceptionally robust and affordable analytical resource for dairy processors, pilot plants and specialty cheese-makers. Providing a complete milk composition profile (fat, solids, density, added water, lactose and protein) in just 40 seconds, it integrates seamlessly into milk reception, research or the production floor.

Made in the USA, the LactiCheck is a, "fit for purpose" approach to milk composition testing throughout the dairy plant!

"The LactiCheck is an excellent resource, facilitating faster changeovers. It is also a back-up when a milk analyzer in the main lab requires service or maintenance," states Torben Pedersen, V.P. of Engineering.

Results can be automatically transferred to a computer, digitizing records facilitating greater access to critical data.

SOURCE: Page & Pedersen International