CHEMetrics, Inc. introduces the 530 nm Single Analyte Meter (SAM) Verification Kit.

This new Verification Kit (Cat. No. I-0003) for 530 nm Single Analyte Meters (SAMs), allows an analyst to quickly and routinely check the performance of five different CHEMetrics photometers. The I-0003 Verification Kit verifies the performance of the following SAMs: CHEMetrics® Chlorine (I-2001), Dissolved Oxygen (I-2002), Chlorine Dioxide (I-2005), Ozone (DPD) (I-2019) and Peracetic Acid (I-2020).

Most QA programs for water analysis applications require that the performance of photometers be verified on a regular basis. CHEMetrics® I-0003 SAM Verification Kit allows this to be accomplished quickly and easily.

Appropriate for instrument verification in the lab or in the field, the SAM Verification Kit is packaged in a compact, durable polypropylene carrying case. Each kit includes a set of ampoules containing various dye solutions specific to the wavelength of the particular photometer. CHEMetrics determines the absorbance value of each dye ampoule in the kit using a spectrophotometer certified with optical standards traceable to NIST. The analyst measures the dye ampoules in the photometer and compares the results to values in the Certificate of Conformance supplied with each kit.

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