Delkor LIF-650
The new Delkor LIF-650 Case Packer with Integrated Closer has the flexibility to load multiple case pack patterns in a single, compact, and efficient packaging line. It has a robust stainless steel construction and is designed to consistently achieve perfect placement of primary packages into a broad range of secondary packaging types. This machinery readily packs single or multiple flavors into a variety of retail ready distribution style packages.
The LIF-650 has an auto-clear infeed system that ensures continuous machine running even when defective products are present. It features a dual axis, high speed, servo-laner which prevents product pile up, and a unique stabilizing device that prevents products from tipping over and causing incomplete loads. It does simple, intuitive and fast tool-less change-over to ensure immediate production ramp up during product changeovers.
Once products are loaded into their cases, they move to the integrated closer, which can close up to 60 packages per minute. The integrated Flange Style closer offers an optimal balance of speed, economy and flexibility in one compact footprint.
At Pack Expo 2012 the LIF-650 will be loading and closing Greek yogurt. See it in action at Delkor’s booth # S-2347.
Learn more about this latest innovation from Delkor Systems by emailing or calling Rocky Buencamino, or call (763) 746-1886. Delkor’s website at: