Delkor Capstone® S₂-1500 Carton Closer
The Delkor Capstone® S₂-1500 Carton Closer is servo driven and equipped with recently patented Intelligent Positioning™ technology. Intelligent Positioning electronically analyzes the precise position of each individual carton flap as it enters the carton closer and if out of alignment, it can make precise adjustments at speeds of up to 150 cartons per minute. No other carton closer in the world has this capability.
This new Carton Closer has a robust, stainless steel design and is equipped with quality, lifetime components, such as Rockwell Automation Allen Bradley controls architecture, and Allen Bradley color touchscreen HMI operator panel with optional multi-lingual screen prompts. This new Carton Closer is 12 feet long by 10 feet wide by 7 feet tall and can accomplish precise, repeatable and tool-less change-overs in less than 5 minutes.
The Delkor Capstone® S₂-1500 Carton Closer can run the full range of paperboard and corrugated materials – making it a perfect fit for many Retail Ready and distribution Packaging formats. 
See the Delkor Capstone S₂-1500 Carton Closer in action at Pack Expo booth # S-2347.
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