By Biovelop International AB

prOATein logoBiovelop International AB, the Swedish company behind the very successful PromOat beta glucan ingredient, has announced the launch of its new oat protein product called prOATein.

Produced in Sweden using locally-sourced, non-GMO oats, prOATein is believed to be the first oat protein ingredient of its kind. Supplied as a powder, prOATein is particularly rich in the essential amino acids leucine and lysine and is suitable for fortifying a wide variety of food and nutritional supplement products.

Thanks to Biovelop’s patented, chemical-free technology, prOATein is a clean-label ingredient and also benefits from being dairy-free, vegan-friendly, nut-free and very low in gluten.

David Peters, director of sales and marketing for Biovelop International, commented:

“Consumer demand for protein-enhanced products is stronger than ever, yet traditional sources of protein are suffering from the dual threats of significantly increased prices and unreliable supply. Manufacturers are increasingly looking to alternative forms of protein which can address these issues and appeal to a broader range of consumers at the same time. prOATein is attractive to manufacturers and consumers alike: it is a sustainable, non-dairy, non-animal source of protein, it benefits from the very positive perception amongst consumers that oats already enjoy, and it overcomes consumer concerns about GMO ingredients that hinder certain other proteins.”

prOATein is especially well-suited for incorporation into breakfast cereals, nutritional bars, bread, baked goods, meal replacement shakes, meat products, pasta, snacks, sports nutrition products, and supplements. For further information on prOATein please contact

About Biovelop

Biovelop International AB is the world’s leading producer of oat beta glucan and other specialty ingredients from oats. Using its patented, chemical-free technology for the fractionation of grains, Biovelop produces natural, healthy ingredients for cosmetics and personal care products under the brand name Avenacare and for food, beverage and nutritional supplements under the brand names PromOat and prOATein. The company is headquartered in Kimstad, Sweden and its products are sold globally via an extensive network of distribution companies.

SOURCE: Biovelop International AB