Turkey Hill ice cream
Turkey Hill, the Pennsylvania-based division of Kroger, plays in the American League (New York Yankees) and the National League (Philadelphia Phillies).

The St. Louis Cardinals played the Miami Marlins in Florida to open the 2012 baseball season on April 4. Hot dogs, peanuts and Cracker Jack are standard fare on stadium menus. But when we want a cold one, we mean ice cream. Which teams have official ice creams or partnerships? Here’s what we found out:

  • Arizona Diamondbacks – Unilever, Cold Stone Creamery
  • Atlanta Braves – Mayfield Dairy Farms
  • Baltimore Orioles – Carvel Ice Cream
  • Boston Red Sox – HP Hood
  • Chicago Cubs – Blue Bunny
  • Cincinnati Reds – United Dairy Farmers
  • Cleveland Indians – Strickland’s Frozen Custard
  • Detroit Tigers – Dippin’ Dots
  • Houston Astros – Blue Bell
  • Milwaukee Brewers – Wells’ Dairy
  • Minnesota Twins – Blue Bunny
  • New York Yankees – Turkey Hill Dairy
  • Philadelphia Phillies – Turkey Hill Dairy
  • Toronto Blue Jays – Cold Stone Creamery
  • Washington Nationals – Breyer’s and Dippin’ Dots


Source: Dairy Foods research