Feta cheese

With Mediterranean foods becoming increasingly popular among mainstream Americans, the time was right for Best Cheese Corp., Mount Kisco, N.Y., to introduce the Epirus brand of authentic Greek cheeses. Imported directly from Greece, the line includes Epiros Original Greek Feta (cheese blocks in brine, net weight 7 ounces), which blends sheep and goat’s milk for an ultra-creamy feta with a salty undertone. There’s also Gidotyri, a traditional goat-style feta vacuum-packed in 7-ounce chunks. This cheese is crumbly in texture with a subtle goat milk flavor and a hint of salt and citrus. The third new item is Talari Grilling Cheese. Sold in 14-ounce rounds, this sheep’s milk cheese is made by hand using traditional methods. It is known for its higher-than-normal melting point, making it perfect for grilling and frying. The texture of Talari is similar to that of mozzarella with a slight milk flavor.