Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics (SGPPL), a leader in flexible tubing for the dairy industry, emphasized the importance of maintaining the safety and integrity of connections between dairy systems and operations at the 2011 World Dairy Expo. “Food safety is a pivotal issue and one that will always be at the forefront of the dairy industry,” says Damien Canac, Global Marketing Manager, Food and Beverages, Process Systems Business Unit at Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics.
SGPPL’s Transflow Dairy Tubing was produced specifically for the industry and comes embedded with Saint-Gobain’s Blue Stripe™, which serves as customer’s guarantee that the product meets FDA requirements for raw milk handling and the 3-A Plastic Standards. Many regulatory sanitarians throughout the world recognize Transflow as the preferred tubing for raw milk transfer.

Connective solutions are employed in all stages of the dairy process – from the dairy farms, to tanker trucks, to plant storage, and within the plant itself – and it is critical that they perform as needed while maintaining the integrity of the products they carry.
Saint-Gobain offers a range of advanced solutions for both dairy product transfer and processing to ensure product safety while reducing total systems costs, maintenance and repair expenses, resulting in minimized operations downtime. SGPPL’s solutions for dairy product transfer combine the Transflow line of tubing, high-performance Gladiator hoses, and ReSeal fittings. They can be used in all stages of the dairy transfer process – from the dairy farms, to tanker trucks, to plant storage, and within the plant itself.

Transflow tubing minimizes the potential for bacterial growth, promoting a safe and sanitary fluid path, thanks to a smooth, non porous inner surface that is less susceptible to particle entrapment. Designed for convenience and long service life, it is extremely flexible and easy to install around milk handling equipment. The tubing’s transparent surface permits detection of equipment deficiencies such as backflow of milk into the air lines while resisting the damage caused by oxidation. The crush-resistant Gladiator hoses are rated for high-pressures. They guarantee a secure and flexible connection between systems and pipes for loading and unloading raw products in high-traffic areas.

SGPPL’s solutions for dairy transfer have been created with ease-of-use in mind. Designed for Clean-In-Place (CIP) convenience, no disassembly is required, minimizing operational downtime and associated costs. SGPPL’s solutions for dairy processing incorporate SaniGard hosing and ReSeal fittings to ensure optimum performance under the high pressures and temperatures associated with these operations.
SaniGard hoses are specifically designed for higher temperatures and demanding applications. They can withstand frequent cleaning without imparting taste or odor. SGPPL’s ReSeal fittings are completely reusable and offer savings of up to 50% on standard replacement costs over time.

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