August 2005

Cover Story
- 2005 State Of The Industry: Measuring Up
Dairy Field’s annual report examines the industry with a comprehensive category-by-category analysis, including brand leaders, trends and forecasts.
- Milk: Trying Times
Still reeling from last year’s high prices, milk processors struggle with new challenges and strengthening competition.
- Cheese: For The Health Of It
Reveling in its newfound recognition as a healthy snack, cheese responds to changing consumer preferences.
- Frozen Desserts: Healthy Proposition
Despite low-carb’s fizzle, better-for-you frozen desserts remain in strong demand.
- Cultured Products: Something For Everyone
Manufacturers of cultured dairy products seek to boost consumption by meeting specific consumer needs.
- Butter: Building The Base
Battling high prices and trans-fat-free spread alternatives, butter makers target their most loyal customers.
- Juice, Tea And Water: Recovery Mode
Relieved the low-carb craze is all but dead, juice makers prepare for a comeback.
- Deli: The Next Battleground?
Premium cheeses help deli departments compete for consumers’ tastes.
- Global Report: Trade Winds
With both potential and pitfalls, world markets continue to open to U.S. dairy products.
- Ingredient Report: Health Focus
The current climate of wellness drives the latest developments in dairy ingredients.

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- Dairy’s Balancing Act
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- 4th International Whey Conference
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- More Choices, But Tough Battles
- Milk Money
- People On The Move

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- Hygiene Technology, The Aluminum Advantage and more...
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