May 2005

Cover Story
- Independent’s Day
Boosted by infrastructure upgrades, Foster Farms Dairy thrives by giving like-minded customers topnotch service.

Plant Close-up
- In The House
Modesto plant improvements give Foster Farms Dairy greater control over more of its product line.

Focus Feature
- Bang For The Buck
Value-added products span all segments, as processors deliver on promises of taste and convenience.

Special Report
- A Promising Sector
Private label milk and dairy products are making the most of recent success.

- Topping Trends

- Nutrition Depiction
- Newswire
- Can U.S. Dairy Companies Compete In A Globally “Flattened” Market?
- People On The Move
- Don’t Let “Average” Prices Paralyze Hedging Decisions
- Calendar

Category Review
- The Good Fight
Facing high raw costs and competition from “healthier” alternatives, butter producers refuse to give up.

Packaging Technology
- Paper Vs. Plastic
Packaging manufacturers battle for their share of the market for bottles, jugs and cartons.

Processing Technology
- Assurance Policy
Programs to ensure quality encompass increasingly high-tech tools.

Dairy R&D
- No Artificial Debate
- Sweet Substitutes
Alternatives to sugar are appearing in more dairy products due to consumer demand.
- Creators Briefs
- R&D News

New Products
- Liquid Cereal, Moose Tracks™ Sundae Cones and more...

Supplier’s Marketplace
- Shrink Bundler, Pick & Place Machine and more...
- Supplier’s News

The Udder End
- Just Another Day In The News

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