Creators Briefs

Deliciously Indulgent
Tate & Lyle continues to expand its Rebalance™ range with new ingredient systems for reduced- or no-added-sugar desserts and sauces. In response to the demand for lighter products, Tate & Lyle’s European research team has developed two new sweetening and texturizing systems for low-fat aerated dairy desserts. Perfect for low-fat chocolate mousse, Dairy Dessert Rebalance systems are available for reduced- and no-added-sugar formulations, reducing sugars by 52 and 73 percent, respectively. By using Splenda® sucralose and a specialized blend of Tate & Lyle ingredients, Dairy Dessert Rebalance can be used with Belgian chocolate to make a chocolate mousse with an impressive calorie reduction of just over 40 percent. The reduced sugar formulation is also high in dietary fibers and contains a combination of prebiotic soluble fibers. — Tate & Lyle, (866) 653-6622,
Great Tastes of America
Virginia Dare will offer a variety of exciting taste experiences from diverse regions of the United States under the theme “Great Tastes of America” at the 2007 IFT Expo in Chicago, July 28 to August 1. Foods and beverages offered for sampling, demonstrating regional tastes, each created using Virginia Dare flavors or extracts, will be milk-based and soy-based smoothies, premium vanilla ice cream with a selection of sauces and toppings, and a delicious snack bar. A variety of flavored tea and fruit beverages will also enable visitors to experience how several different regional tastes can be incorporated into health and wellness products. Consumer research has been conducted to determine awareness and preference of various traditional regional flavors, foods and beverages from around the country. Results will be announced at the show. Live music each day will feature different traditional American music from various regions of America, to make the Virginia Dare booth an authentic American sensory experience. — Virginia Dare, (410) 569-9766,
Linette Goes Mini
Linette Quality Chocolates has increased its capabilities for its line of industrial products. Now taste Linette’s newest product, the “Mini Cup.” With the latest technology in micro molding, Linette can customize your perfect shape and flavor profile with its new mini item capabilities including this delicious product. – Linette Quality Chocolates, 
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